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Tendering to the Wanderlust Inside You

Kushal Palli exotic hilltop resort in the Purulia district of Bengal is gearing up to welcome summer vacationers with exciting arrangements. The team has already chalked out an enthralling summer package. The package is designed to offer a memorable experience to the guests and get the best out of their visit here. 

Popular as one of the jungle resort in Bengal, Kushal Palli is an abode of luxury nestled amidst nature. This 4 star resort is a unit of Pearl Tree Hotels & Resorts family where luxurious indulgences at every corner is promised. 5 exclusive luxury residence choices, multiple dining options, and arrays of world class lifestyle amenities and different exciting activities all are available for pampering the guests during their stay here. 

The abundance of space and the artistic landscaping adds a flair of regal elegance to the resort. Thoughtful planning of the plantation across the property at strategic places makes the resort a visual treat. The surrounding is serene and the inside view is soothing with luxuries scattered all around for an extravagant affair. 

Coming  to the exclusive Kushal Palli Summer Package, the schedule is planned to help the guests reap the best out of their stay at the resort. So, want to have a glimpse of what the package has in pack for you? 

A Divine Start to A Dynamic Day Ahead 

Kushal Palli resort has a Shiva temple. Visiting the temple in the early hours of the morning followed by meditation in its auspicious shade as the golden hue of sun breaks through the darkness is a wonderful way to start a day. 

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A Salute to the Sun Standing on Hilltop 

Once your mind feels fresh and your soul blooms in peace after meditation in the Shiva temple, it’s time to tone up the leg muscles by trekking to the hilltop. The sun hasn’t popped up in the east horizon yet so you need to hurry up a bit trekking the hilltop to witness it. 

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Done With Trekking? Gear Up for Jungle Safari! 

A trip to the resort atop the Ajodhya Hills is incomplete without exploring its Forest Reserve Area. After watching the beautiful sunrise at the hilltop let’s explore the dense forest of the nearby range. 

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Frame the Nature In Its Wildest Form & Glory

Are you into nature photography? The package allots you to make the best use of your camera and hone your skills to frame the scenic beauty around. You can take out your camera anytime you like, but this is the time to go wild with your camera to capture the wilderness of the exotic Purulia. 

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Experience Divinity As You Visit Tribal Mountain Gods

The exotic land of Purulia has sagas of tribal mountain Gods that cannot go unheard and unvisited once you are here. A mystic and exotic touch up to your tour is best done with a visit to the tribal mountain Gods and seeking their blessing for better days ahead. 

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Explore the Marshy Ravines of Chhota Nagpur Plateau 

Continue your travelling expedition exploring the classic ravines of Chhota Nagpur Plateau after visiting the tribal mountain Gods. Mysterious, marshy, deep and profound the ravines will not disappoint the nature lovers and adventure seekers. 

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Bring Home Souvenir from the Exotic Tribes of Ajodhya Hills

Touring scenic places without getting to shop for some souvenirs sounds boring. And, we promise not to have any room for dull moments during your time with us. There will be sufficient time allotted to each of you indulging in some traditional shopping from the native tribes of Ajodhya Pahar. 

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Watch As the Sun Descends To Bathe in the Lake 

Bid adieu to your constant companion who is about to take a plunge into the cool water of the lakes around the popular dams of Purulia. The view is a sight to behold and cherish. 

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Kashmiri Boat Shikara Ride Awaits You at the Resort  

Yes, now get to experience how the Shikara boat ride, an iconic tourist delight in Kashmir, would feel like in the lake of Kushal Palli, Purulia. Cruise through the sparkling lake water in a laid-back relaxing mode as you kiss the sun goodbye. 

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Tummy Affairs at Kushal Palli Is Always Finger-licking Good 

A resort cannot claim to bag good points if the tummy affairs stay compromised. There is a profound connection between Food and Mood. At Kushal Palli, get to taste the finest of authentic Purulia tribal cuisine. 

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Sip Mahua While Enjoying the Exotic Tribal Dance Under the Open Moonlit Sky

Sip through Mahua (an exotic heritage alcoholic drink available in Purulia) and spend a relaxing evening watching the exotic classical tribal dance performed by the charming young native ladies under the moonlit sky. The extensive sprawling lawn at Kushal Palli is the venue to enjoy the indulgences. 

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Wrapping the Kushal Palli Summer Package

Like every good thing this excitement filled day also has to come to an end. The main reason behind planning this Kushal Palli Summer Package is to ensure the guests never experience dull moments at the resort. They get to tour the major nearby attractions and experience the essence of this exotic tribal area cocooned in luxury. Kushal Palli is popular as the best luxury resort on hills in Bengal and the package ensures guests return home with the very best experience from here. 

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Get the best from the stay here as planned in the package. You won’t complain!