Experience Divinity As You Visit Tribal Mountain Gods

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As you roam around and explore the wild greenery of the Forest Reserve Area, indulge in some divine experience if you could get the blessings of Tribal Mountain Gods. An enthralling and exotic experience, indeed! Isn’t that so? 

A walk through small tribal villages nestled amidst or around the jungle area would be a great way to get glimpses of the rich tribal culture of Ajodhya Hills. Marong Baru is worshipped as a prominent tribal mountain God here. No, there is no temple or any physical form that they worship. The God is believed to have an omnipresence across nature and in that boundless divine form it is worshipped by the tribal people here.  

The place is nearby only,and the excursion to the area will be a fantastic experience altogether. Vehicles will be assigned and the tour will continue under the watchful eye of an experienced employee of the resort. 

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