Watch As the Sun Descends To Bathe in the Lake

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resort Purulia

The Upper Dam features a kilometre long lake, which is the major source of water in the surrounding region. Kushal Palli

Summer Package arranges for a visit to Upper Dam to witness the beauty of the vast pristine blue water. The view of sunset at the upper dam looks mesmerising. Get your videocam ready as the sun dives into the blue beautifying the surrounding ambience in its intoxicating beauty. 

Suitable vehicles will be arranged for taking the guests to the upper dam region from the tribal markets. So, pack well all your much cherished souvenirs and get ready to say goodbye to the sun. Driving up and down the lakeside road will get you upfront with stunning picturesque sceneries. 

Upper Dam is a major tourist delight in Purulia district of West Bengal. Click here to know exactly what surprises await you after you return to the resort.