Kashmiri Boat Shikara Ride Awaits You at the Resort

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Kushal palli Purulia

Who amongst us doesn’t fancy riding the world-famous Shikara boat of Kashmir? We all do but many of us might have not visited Kashmir yet. Kushal Palli resort makes your Shikara boat ride dream come true in its artificial lake. Yes, one of the reasons why it is popular as the best hilltop resort in Bengal! 

An artificial private lake within the property premise of Kushal Palli, complemented with Shikara boat ride makes it a major tourist attraction here. Spend the evening with loved ones cruising through its water on the beautiful Shikara boats (crafted to exactly resemble the ones found at Dal Lake in Kashmir).  

The Kushal Palli Summer Package is planned to offer excitement and also to pamper the guests cocooned in luxury.  The Shikara boat ride adds to the fun and excitement of spending the evening at Kushal Palli resort. 

But, what’s the plan for the night? Click here to find!