Ready for Jungle Safari for Some Life-Changing Wonders?

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Find tranquillity getting yourself lost in the wilderness of the Ajodhya Forest Reserve Area. Yes, after watching the beautiful sunrise from Usuldungri hilltop, let’s get prepared to explore the wild greenery of the forest at a nearby range. 

An experienced employee of the hotel will conduct the forest tour. No need to panic regarding the safety as the jungle safari is being planned on the outskirts of the deep jungle only. Vehicles will be arranged for the tour. There will be no threat to safety whatsoever. 

It is part of the Dalma Forest. Sal, Segun, Neem, Polash, Bamboo, Kendu, Satmoli Kusum and Mahua add to the fauna kingdom witnessed here. Also, orchids are common sights with as many as 14 types of orchids found here in the Ajodhya Forest Reserve Area. Though the forest abounds in mammals and amphibians it is truly a matter of luck if you get to see the wildlife upfront here. 

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