Sip Mahua While Enjoying the Exotic Tribal Dance Under the Open Moonlit Sky

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Purulia is a land of exotic natural beauty and rich cultural heritage that revolves predominantly around the tribal communities here. These people stay rooted to their traditional way of living (though many youngsters are adopting modern means of livelihood) and embrace their authentic culture proudly. Chhau Dance is a highly popular dance form full of drama performed wearing uniquely designed colourful masks and costumes.  

The one performed in Purulia is the Purulia special Chhau of West Bengal. The dancers are mainly from Kalindis, Darogas, Mundas, Mahatos, Samals, Mohantys etc. The dance is accompanied by vibrant music produced via instruments like Dhumsas, Dhols, Kharka and Mohuri. 

The Kushal Palli Summer Package wraps up entertaining the guests with the spectacular Chhau Dance performed by native beauties under the open moonlit sky studded with stars. Soak in the happy vibe sipping Mahua. 

What a lovely way to conclude the 1-day tour program packed with thrills and pure bliss!