Activities Around

Let your taste buds uncover flavors both local and regional at our multi cuisine restaurant, "Antara". Should you choose to dip your palate in the delicacies of authentic Bengali cuisine, this is the experience you deserve. The fireplace, live piano music, exceptional food and service make it all the more enchanting.

Go Kart

Get a taste of a life of adventure and adrenaline with go-karting at Purulia. A thrilling sport that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike will become the talking point of your vacation in the hills.

Bird Watching

Purulia is a bird paradise. The rivers and dams attract many migratory birds while the place also has an abundance of local birds.


Through the green wilderness and forests, engage in the trekking trail along the Ajodhya Hills and mingle with the heart of nature.

Fishing Zone

Teach your kids the ropes of fishing or spend a day with yourself.

Yoga Centre

Take your serenity outing a step forward with yoga and meditation sessions in greenery.


You’ve always dreamt of this moment; to be surrounded by the quietude of nature while you indulge in your favorite reads. Now, you can experience it for real.


Imagine gliding through the forest paths as the green cover surrounds you, unknown birds twitter over your head, and nature reveals her beauty at every turn. Go for a cycle ride and explore the green hills the eco-friendly way

Traditional Dances

Get engrossed with the locals and their culture and witness their vibrant art forms like the Chhau Dance, Pata Naach, and Jhumur Gaan.

Mini Golf

A life of leisure demands recreations that are equally leisurely. Being a relaxing sport, mini-golf will perfectly fit that need and you can even enjoy it in the company of your kids and partner.

Artificial Beach

Green mountains or sandy beaches? Here at Kushal Palli you don’t have to choose one or the other, because we are bringing the best of both worlds to you!


The lush air-conditioned gym at Kushal Palli lets you stay on top of your health regime even while you’re out vacationing.