Explore the Marshy Ravines of Chhota Nagpur Plateau

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Ajodhya Hills form the easternmost part of the Chhota Nagpur Plateaus. The topography features woody dome-like hills and dry deciduous forest. The ravines are mildly steep here and are popular tourist attractions here due to their rugged natural appeal. 

Trekking through the yellowish orange ravines with wild greenery accompanying you from the sideways is a visual treat indeed. 
Kushal Palli Summer Package plans a trekking through these exciting nature trails under the supervision of an experienced member from the resort to ensure everything goes smooth. 

The rocks of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau are made up of Precambrian rocks which date back to 540 millions years back. It is like a steep valley with steep sides and walking in line through the area is an adventure worth a try for all. 

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