Uncommon Places in West Bengal

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Offbeat Destinations to visit in West Bengal

Break free from the monotony of daily life with a weekend trip to an offbeat destination nearby. Ajodhya hills in Purulia have always grabbed the attention of nature lovers and travellers alike.

Among several uncommon places in West Bengal, the Kushal Palli Purulia Resort at Ajodhya hills is a gem. Blessed by nature with a picturesque setting and serenity all around, it feels like heaven!

Ajodhya Hills happens to be an extension of Jharkhand’s Dalma Hills. The appeal of this place accentuates with the presence of the forest here. Sal, Teak and Mahua trees team up with crystal-clear springs, lakes, and rivers under the blue sky to make the location appear as dramatic as possible.

Luxury Living in the Lap of Nature

The destination might be one of the uncommon places to visit in West Bengal, but surely worth a visit.

Your getaway paradise on the exotic Ajodhya hills welcomes you with 80+ lavish accommodations. The options here are versatile, like exotic cottages, family rooms, deluxe villas and bungalows.

This 4-star resort is the epitome of luxury and elegance. It stands tall, encircled with greenery. Enjoy the breathtaking surrounding view while being spoiled with the finest of everything luxurious.

Something for Adventurers and Nature’s Lovers

This breathtaking hilltop allures both local and migratory birds. This resort is an ideal site for bird watching.

Cycling enthusiasts can hop on the bike and explore the location freely. Hiking in these beautiful hills can uplift your mood, pamper your senses and help you connect with nature. It is one of the most uncommon places in West Bengal to go hiking with your buddy or better half.

Desire a more active dose of adventure? Satisfy your venturesome approach with Go-karting at this resort in Purulia.

An uncommon place to visit in West Bengal, but the Food is Good!

Gazing at the greenery and participating in exciting activities on an empty stomach feels torture. So, the resort ensures to keep the dining choices luxuriously appetising.

The food available here is Delicious, Fresh, and Healthy. It can impress anyone who craves good food. The resort has three eateries, serving the finest quality dishes ever possible, namely Antara (multicuisine restaurant), Mohul (lounge), and Aqua Grill (poolside eatery). The hospitality of the staff here makes the dining experience more savoury.

One of the most offbeat and exotic tourist destinations in West Bengal, this resort on the Ajodhya Hills in Purulia is an ideal getaway for any wanderlust soul.