Weekend Destinations in West Bengal

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Weekend spa Getaways Near You

A getaway to heaven is what weekends often get described as. But, to feel the heavenly vibe it is necessary to step out the threshold and venture into the unknown. Exotic weekend destinations in West Bengal are many, and Kushal Palli Resort in Purulia mostly tops the list.

Getting close to nature need not be an uncomfortable experience for city slickers. Set atop the Ajodhya Hills, Kushal Palli Resort is crafted to cater to a luxurious lifestyle uncompromisingly.

Cosiness and convenience are guaranteed along the length and breadth of the property. It has 80+ luxurious accommodations setup with smart amenities for you!

The perfect choice for a weekend tour near you

Purulia is well-connected to these and other parts of West Bengal. Reaching the resort should never be a hassle. Kushal Palli Purulia resort is the perfect weekend destination for people living in these cities-

  1. Barddhaman (154 km)
  2. Kharagpur (149 km)
  3. Ranchi (106 km)
  4. Durgapur (98 km)
  5. Asansol (73 km)
  6. Kulti (66 km)
  7. Bokaro (65 km)
  8. Jamshedpur (62 km)

Purulia Junction railway station has a direct connection with many of the cities mentioned.

With 80+ stay choices, including family rooms, deluxe villas and bungalows, it is the paradise for your ecstatic escape. World-class amenities ensure the stay here is ultra luxurious. The activities are fun-filled with no room for any dull moment here.

An Excellent Weekend Spa Getaway Nearby

Kushal Palli Purulia resort is the most recommended one of all the other available weekend spa getaways near you. An exotic approach to holistic wellness, the spa here can-

  1. Calm your nerves with deep relaxing massage strokes
  2. Discover the natural skin glow by restoring its health
  3. Treat minor concerns like body aching due to stress.

Purulia is abundant with natural resources and is known for ethnic or natural remedies. The availability of various natural medicinal herbs enables the spa to use authentic products while administering spa services to the guests.

All the Talk but No Food is Frustrating

A happy tummy provides the fuel from inside to keep the quest continuing further. Kushal Palli resort at Ajodhya Hilltop in Purulia can pamper your taste buds without upsetting your health.

Cosy ambience, natural scenery in the backdrop, authentic herbs and fresh hand-picked cooking ingredients come together to awe the dining experience here.

Come here at least once to discover the reasons for coming back repeatedly!