An Exotic Resort in Bengal on Ajodhya Hills Amidst Jungle

Exotic Resort

The charisma of discovering the unknown always fascinates the human mind. This instinct led to several discoveries.  But, here the quest is not intellectual. On the contrary, more sensual and sensational that quenches the thirst of a traveller.  Our Kushal Palli Resort, atop Ajodhya Hill, humbly welcomes all those wanderlust travellers who look for exploring […]

Discover the Gem of All Offbeat Tourist Places in Bengal

The hustle and bustle of city life sometimes can get on anyone’s nerves and feel maddening sometimes. Stress causes several health concerns, impacting both the body and mind. An escape from the chaos for a few days does wonders! Offbeat tourist places in West Bengal are perfect getaways to relax and rejuvenate. There are several […]

Jungle Resort in Bengal

Jungle Resort in Bengal, Near You Bushy mess of greenery entwined together to create a fascinating green world is what Jungle is. Tourists and travellers love it. An escape from the chaos of construction! Kushalpalli Resort at Ajodhya Hills in Purulia is a Jungle resort in West Bengal. A revolution of luxury, excitement, and holistic […]

Uncommon Places in West Bengal

Offbeat Destinations to visit in West Bengal Break free from the monotony of daily life with a weekend trip to an offbeat destination nearby. Ajodhya hills in Purulia have always grabbed the attention of nature lovers and travellers alike. Among several uncommon places in West Bengal, the Kushal Palli Purulia Resort at Ajodhya hills is […]

Luxury Hill Resorts in West Bengal

Best Exotic Luxury Hill Resorts Bengal The hustle and bustle of city life makes many of us run for the hills, literally.  An escape to a hill station nearby in West Bengal for a short trip or an extended vacation does the much-needed therapeutic work.  Kushal Palli Resort at Ajodhya Hills caters well to such […]

Weekend Destinations in West Bengal

Weekend spa Getaways Near You A getaway to heaven is what weekends often get described as. But, to feel the heavenly vibe it is necessary to step out the threshold and venture into the unknown. Exotic weekend destinations in West Bengal are many, and Kushal Palli Resort in Purulia mostly tops the list. Getting close […]