Discover the Gem of All Offbeat Tourist Places in Bengal

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The hustle and bustle of city life sometimes can get on anyone’s nerves and feel maddening sometimes. Stress causes several health concerns, impacting both the body and mind.

An escape from the chaos for a few days does wonders! Offbeat tourist places in West Bengal are perfect getaways to relax and rejuvenate. There are several destinations in Bengal that are less travelled and offbeat.

Less travelled because there are tourists who are yet to discover the significance of such destinations as tourist attractions.

Though there are many such places, Ajodhya Hill and Forest Reserve Area in Purulia is the gem of all such destinations.

Purulia: A Brief Introduction

Purulia is the westernmost district of West Bengal spanning 6259 sq km on the north of the Kangsabati river. The place is famous for its sheer natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The red soil, mild dense forest and hills come together to craft a rustic environment that feels soothing to the senses.


Rainfalls define the climate here. Purulia experiences 3 prominent seasons, namely summer, winter, and monsoon. Summers are hot-n-dry, while winters are cold and chilly.

Economy, Tourism and Tribes

Agriculture, Industry and Tourism drive the economy of this district. Santhals, Bhumij, and Kherias-Sabars are major tribes found in the Purulia district.

The ancient ruins, archaeological excavations, and picturesque landscape featuring beautiful hills and wild greenery makes Purulia a gem of all the offbeat tourist places in Bengal. Purulia in West Bengal is an ideal destination.

The culture here features an exotic tribal touch. The Chhau dance of Purulia (performed by Santhals, Kumars, and Mahatos mostly) garners attention worldwide. And so is the folk song Jhumur.

Purulia Tourist Attractions

There are several amazing sites in Purulia that are worth considering for a rejuvenating weekend tour near you. A few that deserve a mention here are-

  • Ajodhya Hills- An extended part of Eastern Ghats Range, it stands flaunting its rustic charm near Bagmundi town. The surrounding region extends to the Chota Nagpur Plateau.       It is 42 km off Purulia. It has mythological significance (Hinduism) where Hindus believe Lord Ram visited the place with Sita and Laxman during their exile.
  • Turga & Bamni Waterfall- These are popular picnic spots near Bagmundi town, further beautified by tall sal trees around the place. An ideal tourist spot for both bird watchers and nature admirers.
  • Khairabera Lake- 67 km off Purulia town, this is an irrigation dam surrounded by mild slopes and wild greenery all around. The area looks enchanting for its natural charm.
  • Baghmundi- A tourist delight in Purulia, the view of the greenery around along with Ajodhya hills is breathtaking. The area is enriched with flora and fauna making it an ideal site for eco-tourism as well. Beautiful waterfalls and archaeological excellence.
  • Saheb Bandh- This 50-acre pristine lake is a paradise for bird watchers. It is a popular retreat for its serene scenery and bird watching (birds from Europe fly here during the migratory season).

Besides these, other notable tourist attractions here are Tarpania Lake, Pakhi Pahar, Upper Dam, Lower Dam, Muruguma Lake, and Charida Mask Village.

Ever Heard of Kushal Palli Purulia Resort?

A unit of PearlTree Hotels & Resorts, Kushal Palli Purulia Resort on the Ajodhya Hills is a destination in itself.

Multiple luxury accommodation choices are readily available at reasonable rates. The rooms here come fitted with a kettle, fine upholstery items, posh furniture items, attractive lighting, elegant decor, a private bathroom, modern amenities like air conditioning, a flat-screen TV etc.

It is a heaven for nature lovers who also look for luxury accommodations and indulgences wherever they go.

Luxury Amenities Here are-

  • Spa and Salons staffed by professional experts
  •  Multiple choices on entertaining indoor games
  • Outdoor game options include go-kart and cricket
  • A game of mini golf is also possible atop the Ajodhya hills within the premise for perfecting your swings.
  • A well-stocked library that has something worth reading for anyone with diverse intellectual and recreational interest
  • Multiple fine dining choices along with lounge, banquet hall and bars to pamper your taste buds with health uncompromised.
  • Well-stocked and air-conditioned modern gymnasium
  • Artificial beach atop Ajodhya Hill amidst dense forest. Now, you know why Kushal Palli is called an exotic resort in Bengal!
  • This hill resort in West Bengal also has got a private lake within its property premise. Go boating there in inflated boats.
  • Kushal Palli Purulia Resort also has a Mandir (temple) of its own.

Apart from all these, the lush greenery surrounding the resort with mesmerising views of the hills around is itself a luxury for the tired eyes.

Wrapping up

The location is ideal for tourists looking for tranquillity. Travellers looking to explore rich cultural sites with natural beauty also would find Purulia a jewel. And, if luxury is also desirable then Kushal Palli atop the Ajodhya Hills is the best choice.

Nature is at its best version here. Spending a few days can help you create memories for a lifetime.