An Exotic Resort in Bengal on Ajodhya Hills Amidst Jungle

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The charisma of discovering the unknown always fascinates the human mind. This instinct led to several discoveries. 

But, here the quest is not intellectual. On the contrary, more sensual and sensational that quenches the thirst of a traveller. 

Our Kushal Palli Resort, atop Ajodhya Hill, humbly welcomes all those wanderlust travellers who look for exploring offbeat destinations with luxuries uncompromised. 

A Jungle Resort in West Bengal at an Enchanting Location

Kushal Palli, an exotic resort in Bengal, lies atop Ajodhya Hill, guaranteeing a 360-degree view of wild beauty around. The picturesque mild dense Dalma forest landscapes featuring waterfalls and hills, enriched with fauna and flora, can allure any tired soul. 

Ajodhya Hill and Forest Reserve Area in Purulia is not explored fully yet by many though it is a major tourist destination. It is an extended part of the Eastern Ghats Range. Most adventure enthusiasts, like mountaineers and hikers, visit the site to soak in its natural bliss. 

Do not get confused as we tag the place as an offbeat exotic destination yet mention it is a tourist delight. Fact is though the location is known for its rustic natural beauty, very few people are familiar with it. 

It is rightfully counted amongst the most exotic and unknown jungle resorts in Bengal that many travellers are yet to explore. In one way it acts as an advantage for those who crave solitude to experience pure bliss.

City Slickers Need Not Feel Deprived of Indulgences

Don’t feel ashamed if you are someone who cannot compromise on comfort in the middle of the jungle also. At Kushal Palli Resort we walk the extra miles to make your stay here more than just comfortable.

It is your paradise, surrounded by Nature’s most charming view, established to pamper you with luxury amenities. 

We planned and designed it in a way that offers all the luxurious indulgences available at any metropolis star-rated posh hotel.

Luxurious Stay Facilities

Kushal Palli Resort is a unit of PearlTree Hotels & Resorts. Multiple choices of luxurious accommodations ensure to satisfy your budget and requirements most aptly. 

The choices include Deluxe Villas (Palash Villas), Bungalows (Tulip Cottages), Executive Cottages (Orchid Cottages), Suite Rooms (Rosewood Suites), and Family Rooms (Petal Rooms). It is one of the few jungle resorts in West Bengalthat offers such diverse luxury stay options. 

Luxury Amenities

Freedom of space stuffed with all comfort elements amidst abundant greenery is itself a luxury! Other amenities worth a mention are

  • Well-equipped professional Spa & Salon
  • Finer choices on fine dining including cosy lounge and bar
  • Ultra modern gymnasium 
  • Artificial beach atop the hill (could you ever imagine!).
  • Huge cricket ground (mind hitting a six atop the Ajodhya Hill?) 
  • Library for pampering the intellectualism in a serene surrounding
  • Mini Golf
  • Kid’s ground, paintball, indoor games, virtual games etc are available to keep you engaged all through. 
  • For some adrenaline rush, the guests can also go karting within the property premise. 
  • A pristine private lake is also there to soothe your eyes

Soothing Spa Sensation at Kushal Palli Resort

Kushal Palli Resort is equally a perfect choice for spa enthusiasts. Needless to say, the land abounds in different medicinal plants and herbs. 

The massage therapists or professional masseuses here have mastered the art of massage well. With their strokes every tired cell and agitated nerve rejuvenates, helping our body and mind relax and revive. 

A perfect spa session needs a combination of authentic herb-infused massage oils/concoctions and the right technique of different massages. It is available at Kushal Palli, which helps the resort become one of the best weekend spa getaways near you

Now, Step Out for Some Sightseeing

Visiting Purulia and staying confined to luxurious indulgence only cannot happen. Pamper your eyes and soothe your senses with the picturesque beauty of the followings-

  • Turga Waterfall
  • Bamni Waterfall
  • Khairabera Lake
  • Tarpania Lake
  • Pakhi Pahar
  • Upper Dam
  • Lower Dam
  • Muruguma Lake
  • Charida Mask Village

 Do not miss these in your tour itinerary when you come to Purulia. 

How to Reach?

Reaching this well-linked jungle resort near youshouldn’t be a problem. The site is around 100 km far from major cities like 

  • Durgapur
  • Jamshedpur
  • Asansol
  • Dhanbad
  • Bokaro
  • Kulti

Kolkata is approximately 290 km off Purulia. The town happens to be one of the significant road and rail junctions in the state of West Bengal. 

Buses & Trains

The Barrabhum and Suisa Railway Stations are the nearest rail stations to Ajodhya Hill in Purulia. Also, one can opt for connecting buses to reach Ajodhya Hill from      Purulia station. From Durgapur and Asansol, regular direct buses are readily available. You will also get direct buses and trains connecting Kolkata and Purulia. 

By Air

The nearest airports are Sonari Airport (Jamshedpur), and Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi (Ranchi) which are just 38 km and 67 km off Purulia respectively.  

Visit once and you will find reasons to plan the next trip again here!