A Salute to the Sun Standing on Hilltop

Best Resort in Bengal After indulging in self-meditation at the Shiva temple courtyard, it’s time to trek to the Usuldungri hilltop to salute the Sun, the very manifestation of the almighty God.  How can you possibly plan an adventure-filled day without greeting the Sun? Sun represents energy, vitality and good luck. Soak in all the […]

A Divine Start to A Dynamic Day Ahead

Luxury Hill Resorts in Purulia, West Bengal A healthy start to a morning ensures the entire day fills up with positive vibes. Self meditation at the pious presence of Lord Shiva in the very early hours of the morning can enlighten the mind and rejuvenate the soul. Kushal Palli Summer Package plans to kickstart the […]

Freezing the Moments through Frames? Click the ‘Send’ Button to Bag Surprises

Photogenic faces attract attention and instil a sense of happiness inside people around. Humans, or perhaps all living creatures, are attracted to things beautiful and visually appealing. Photogenic landscapes with surreal natural beauty have an equally profound appeal to us.  Purulia is known as a land of exotic charm and rich cultural heritage. Our Kushal […]

Reasons Why Kushal Palli Drives Attention More than Other Resorts in Bengal

West Bengal abounds in several tourist delights that attract travellers from far afar. Luxury resorts at different such tourist places are themselves becoming one of the major tourist attractions of that region. One such luxury resort in Bengal is Kushal Palli at Purulia in the western district of West Bengal.  There are many such luxury […]

What to Expect from Kushal Palli As the Best Resort in Bengal?

Kushal Palli is a luxury resort in the Purulia district of West Bengal. Purulia has several tourist attractions and the resort now itself is becoming a paradise for luxury lovers.  Enlisted popularly amongst the top 10 luxury hill resorts in West Bengal by tourists and travellers, keep your expectations high while you are here. But, […]

Exotic Hotel and Resort on Hills in Bengal for Luxury Amidst Wilderness

Kushal Palli is an exotic resort lying atop the Ayodhya hill in the Purulia district of West Bengal. Tourists and travellers come to Purulia to get a slice of the rich cultural heritage and soak in the natural beauty that the place has to offer. And, many of them check-in into this resort to ensure […]

Kushal Palli: The King of All Resorts on Hills in West Bengal

Hill stations in West Bengal do not necessarily have to be Darjeeling, and Kalimpong. Tourists in Bengal undoubtedly are in love with the hills of North Bengal, but those looking for a change would find Purulia interesting to explore.  Yes, Purulia also can be counted amongst the hill destinations in Bengal. It finds a popular […]

Are You Ready For Some Thrill at A Jungle Resort in Bengal? 

Jungles instil the feel of thrill in adventure seekers. But, do you know that even some jungle resorts are planned to stimulate your experience further?  Kushal Palli righteously claims a distinguished position amongst such exclusive jungle resorts in Bengal.  Kushal Palli resort atop the Ajodhya Hills in Purulia comes equipped with an array of activities […]

An Exotic Resort in Bengal on Ajodhya Hills Amidst Jungle

Exotic Resort

The charisma of discovering the unknown always fascinates the human mind. This instinct led to several discoveries.  But, here the quest is not intellectual. On the contrary, more sensual and sensational that quenches the thirst of a traveller.  Our Kushal Palli Resort, atop Ajodhya Hill, humbly welcomes all those wanderlust travellers who look for exploring […]

Discover the Gem of All Offbeat Tourist Places in Bengal

The hustle and bustle of city life sometimes can get on anyone’s nerves and feel maddening sometimes. Stress causes several health concerns, impacting both the body and mind. An escape from the chaos for a few days does wonders! Offbeat tourist places in West Bengal are perfect getaways to relax and rejuvenate. There are several […]